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Acting classes

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Sessions every Tuesday from 16.00 to 19.00 in Barcelona.

The work is aimed at a small group of up to 9 people.

Who is it aimed at

It is aimed at creative actors with experience who seek to improve their capabilities both as creator and at the level of acting technique, whether for theater, film or TV.
It is not a group of initiation but a group of training for actors and actresses with experience.

The sessions

These training sessions are designed to meet the needs of all participants.

Each 3-hour session is divided into three blocks:

First part: training of personal capacities, both physically or vocally, as well as concentration, attention or relaxation.
This first block combines exercises from different disciplines, such as martial arts, dance, acrobatics or singing, among others.
Second part: iam system (impulse-action motion) acting technique. In this part are given concrete tools that can be applied directly in the preparation of a scene, willing to improve the aspects that each participant needs.
Third part: work with texts or scenes of creation.
This third part is the one that allows a more specific work for each participant, and allows from working texts that help us improve some aspect of our technique until the preparation of texts for castings.

The reduced 8 members group work let the coach to focus the work to the specific cases of each participant in the sessions, favoring the progress of all the participants.


To apply, please send an email with CV to Pre-selected actors will be invited to a personal interview with Jordi to know the needs and requirements of the candidate.