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The dramaturgy of the action in Italy

The dramaturgy of the action explores different aspects of a creation, from the creation process itself to the relationship between the actor and the audience, the role of the audience or the place where the performance is made. This workshop offers concrete tools to apply the IAM system (impulse – action – movement) in a scenic creation. The IAM system is a methodology that underlies the company’s training and workshops. It is an evolution of the work to physical actions that also includes neurolinguistic programming (NLP), the ideas of quantum physics, and uses exercises and concepts of Aikido, Qi gong, meditation and other disciplines typical of the performing arts. . The IAM system offers not only a way to train, but also the tools and procedures to be used in each phase of the work: preparation, creation, rehearsal or performances. Its goal is to improve the actor’s presence, allowing him to live the present in a calm and attentive way, totally connected with the moment.
The workshop is aimed at actors, dancers, performers, playwrights, students of theater and performing arts, and will take place in the evocative natural spaces of the Parco dell’Abbazia di Monteveglio, among woods, paths, gullies. Outdoor training clothes and athletic shoes are recommended.
The duration of the workshop is 4 hours a day.

info and registration at
The workshop is limited. There is a registration fee including a compulsory membership card and insurance, 30 euros.
The event is part of #Bolognaestate and is supported by the Municipality of Valsamoggia.