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Culture is a powerful Massive Creation Weapon. Theatre can bring ideas, thoughts and questions deep inside the audience and I’d like to think it can maybe change a little bit the small world of each one of us.
I’ve been directing for almost 15 years. In this time I’ve directed many plays from other authors and some of my texts.
In 2003 I created cia. Sargantana theatre company to freely explore the possibilities of the relationships between citizen-creators and citizen-audience in theatre. That’s why I started working with my own texts: to talk about what I need to talk in each concrete moment of my life, trying to evolve with them as creator and as a human being.
When I begin a new project I try to place the actors and all the creating team involved in the process in a suitable atmosphere to bring them the questions that I’d like to explore. I try to force them to give it’s own point of view through their roles to create a wider prism to offer to the audience.
Later, we try to do the same with the audience: send them the questions in a suitable atmosphere to let the audience freely find their relationship with what he’s living.

My works as director

2023 – SocCos (cia. Sargantana + Albert Coma Bau)
2023: Manual d’autoajuda per sortir del buit (cia. Sargantana, Manresa)
2023: Culpable
2023: Terra de trobadors – direcció escènica actes propis
2023: Silent
2022: 42 dies
2021: Terra de comtes
2021: Jo no hauria de ser aquí (cia. Sargantana, Manresa)
2020: Històries d’un comerç (cia. Sargantana, Poble Sec – Barcelona)
2019: Money (coaching, sala Fénix Barcelona)
2019: Scenes of an exodus
2019: Barricidi (codirected with Vero Cendoya – ArtiPart – Festival Grec)
2018: Fragments #1
2018: Hug Roger, exili i presó
2017: El bufón del rey Lear (coaching – directed by Felipe Cabezas, sala Fénix Barcelona)
2017: De quan tot filava quan filava
2017: Li/ea/ving Acte I (La Vilella Teatre)
2017: Huis Clos (Laayoune – Morocco)
2016: Noir sur blanc, de Jean-Yves Picq (Cabestany)
2016: Li/ea/ving
2016: Km. 0 – Collective creation (La Vilella Teatre)
2015: Cap por que ens deixi, de Maria Tranou (PIIGS Festival, Nau Ivanow – Barcelona)
2015: La Plana (cia. Sargantana)
2014: Lapse (VisaVis Festival – France)
2014: No és país per a mites antics
2013: Ball d’hivern
2013: Inauguració Capital Cultural de Catalunya – Pel corrent dels temps
2011 : El prometatge (La Tritona)
2011: Art, de Yasmina Reza (cia. Marià Font)
2010: Poe, lectures (cia. Marià Font)
2010: L’avar, de Molière (cia. Marià  Font)
2010: Terra de contes
2009 : Stan&Owsky
2007: La mort, de W. Allen (cia. Marià Font)
2007: El Petit cobert (Clac&Roll, teatre del Raval)
2007: L’aparició
2006 : La importància de ser Frank, d’Oscar Wilde (Marià Font)
2006: Silenci, les pedres parlen, de D. Palomeras i J. Carbonell (Ajuntament de Ripoll)
2005 : Berlin, 1930 – Cabaret (Ajuntament d’Olot)
2004: VnoO
2004: Robin, príncep dels lladres (Teatre Poliorama)
2003: Pol, o les campanes
2001: De Lloguer- Rent

Also curator

Since 2016: curating Cicle Íntims – Ripoll.
2013-19: directed La Vilella Teatre in Barcelona.