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Sessions every Monday from 19:30 to 21:30

Each session includes: Physical and vocal training, acting technique exercices and training, being part of a creation process.

I believe in theatre as a useful meeting point for our society. Too often I found theatre boring as an actor and as audience. I felt the need to find out a better way to connect with ourselves as creators and with our nowadays audience.
The basis of a creative work is the creator availability, and then develop the resonance of what he’s living on stage. That’s the basis of my research and teaching work.
To develop this acting system,  in 2009 I created “La cuina” (the kitchen) research group. If I had to describe briefly our path to reach these “resonance” through “availability” I should say we’re developing a “living through impulse-action in a no-tension, non-effort way”.
“La Cuina” is an evolution of cia. Sargantana’s working system used in the period 2003-2009 to create most of our plays, where we added to our creative work a specific technical issue to develop, like the relationship between audience and sound or the relationship between audience and distance with the actors.
After 6 years mixing research and creation I needed to separate those parts to focus on every aspect and improve our work. 
In 2013 we created the iam Studio in Barcelona, an acting studio based on the impulse-action motion system, the acting system developed at “La Cuina” since 2009.
In 2016 we began the fractal project in order to improve our research in the use of technology in the performing arts.
In 2019 I move to Ripoll to continue the research without the rush of the city.


Since 2003 I’ve been teaching in different Barcelona acting schools and studios.

Since 2021: member of the Fontys University of Arts Pool of experts in the masters programme.
Since 2020: acting at escola de teatre de Ripoll.
Since 2019: acting at Porta 4 – L’autèntica.
Since 2018: technology on stage, Fractal project.
Since 2015: iam system on teaching at Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping.
2014-2016: voice workshop and acting at estudi Laura Jou.
Since 2013: directing the iam Studio, teaching acting, voice and coaching.
2012-2014: Tortosa theatre school: singing.
2009-2013: directed estudi Sargantana, teaching acting, voice and coaching.
2007-2012: El Plató de cinema: voice, Shakespeare, acting and coaching. Created the Voice section program.
2006-2007: 15 de octubre: voice.
2005-2012: Tamquam: acting, singing and tap dance.
2004-2005: Memory: teaching acting.

Apart from these regular classes I’ve been conducting Worksessions abroad since 2003.


“La cuina” it’s a research project that began in 2009 and ended in 2018. Established in Barcelona, many artists from different countries has provided its energy to the process. Our regular worksessions in Barcelona let us continue our particular journey. Since the beginning, we’ve divided our research work in 9 periods.

During the first period we focused our work in transforming our ideas in a real working system. We began developing our own definitions of:

  • Impulse.
  • Action.
  • Objective.
  • physical, verbal, emotional and psychological lifes.
  • Truth.

In the second period we focused on the control of actions and we developed some training exercises to develop the imaginary.
In our third period, we continued the work focusing on the connections between physical, verbal, emotional and psychological lifes, and doing a specific work about “what shall we do before entering in scene”. By this time we did a lot of theoretical analysis and developed our Decalogue and some of the text that still guides our work nowadays.
In the fourth period, we began developing a questionnaire to guide our acting work at home and we continued with all the training work.
The fifth period was dedicated to developing the “atmosphere” and “anchor” ideas. We applied both tools in the creation process of “No country for old myth”.
The sixth period served to test everything we’d been working in earlier periods with different kind of actors, most of them ignoring all the work done since then.
The last periods brought to a new research line using the ideas of waves, energy and matter and quantum while we continue training and developing all previous work.

Some of our exercises have become later part of the iam Studio training system.

Since 2018 “la cuina” became the wandering laboratory “transborders”, a new investigation journey through a series of deep anthropological, sociological and polytical questions that involves our nowadays existence.

“The fractal project” is the other research line in which I’m involved nowadays. A research in the use of the technology in the performing arts.