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I’m very curious about the human being. I feel the need to understand a bit deeper the world we’re living in and who we are.
Acting is the best way for me to learn about all those questions. I am a rigorous, thorough actor that ferrets out every role, to see and understand the world through his eyes.
I love being engaged with projects that let me go further and deeper in this discovery. And I try to bring these discoveries to the audience, in the deepest and the most sincere way I can.


Some interviews

Creating audience ( – 12/15)
Human scene (diario de Teruel 3/15)
Theatre as battlefield (bcnmes – 11/14)
Zonasec (2/14)

Some articles of mine

A day without opinion (El Ripollès – 9/16)
Ripollès, cultural center (El Ripollès – 12/15)

Culture capital of Catalonia 2013

Sometimes I write…

A 15 metres d’alçada

Un dia, el senyor Blanc em convida al seu espai. Jo accedeixo, i en visitar-lo em mostra com camina en línia recta des d’un punt …

Enganyar doblement

Podríem dividir el nostre cervell en dues parts: una part del nostre cervell creu en l’ara i l’aquí i l’altra en el passat. La primera …

La partitura del tauró

Imagineu que esteu a mar obert, nedant sense res al voltant, només aigua. Mireu on mireu només aigua. Onades i paisatges blaus que canvien a …